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The original title: a month 17 sets of travel style, Spain queen old clothes mixed with new clothes, the level of thrift is not inferior to Kate

said that the style of the royal princes and queens of various countries, the most colorful is Kate of the British royal family. Basically, every time she appears on the stage, she can be seen wearing various kinds of young flowers.

However, recently, Queen Letizia of Spain, who has always been following the elegant and atmospheric route, is also fascinated by this kind of dress with bright flowers. During the months from June 23 to July 30, Letizia and his son-in-law, King Felipe, visited Spain.

is a member of the royal family whose beauty ranks at the top of the list. Letizia's visit style naturally attracts many media and netizens to follow.

Detailed statistics of netizens

netizens' detailed statistics, in this period of one month, Letizia all replaced 17 sets of Henan Kuaiya bet platform, and in these 17 sets of modeling, Henan kuaishan bet platform is basically young skirt, and 11 are all young flowers.

It is hoped that after coming to Lai Lai, her obsession with young flowers is more than that of Princess Kate of the first British royal family!

What's more interesting is that the main purpose of this visit is to support the rejuvenation of the national economy and culture. Therefore, during this month's visit, Letizia's modeling is relatively low-key leisure style, and even wears many old clothes a few years ago, and takes a people-friendly line. Her thrifty level is not inferior to Kate's.

Among the 17 sets of

there are 12 different styles that have been worn before. Even for the sake of promotion, they often wear pointed high-heeled shoes, and they are also replaced by slope heels with grounded and relaxed styles.

For example, when she appeared at the second stop of Letizia's visit, the green flower dress she wore was worn in 2019. The whole set of modeling just changed the high-heeled shoes into the peaceful and relaxed slope heels. Although there are differences in collocation, Letizia's design is expected to be more user-friendly.

On several subsequent trips in early July, she wore pink dresses and white floral skirts, which she also wore when she attended sports in 2019 and 2018. This time, Letizia matched the white coat of Zara's with the skirt of sweet matitos, which was equally priced and friendly to the people.

Other styles behind

even have 16 years old clothes. It seems that no matter which country the royal family is, they like to use the public relations technique of wearing old clothes to create the phenomenon of being close to the people.

Letizia's dress and dress price are very high during her visit. Now, the style of her shoes with sloping heels is equally attractive.

The brand of

shoes comes from Macarena, a Spanish local leisure and avant-garde brand. In the early stage, this brand was produced by apprentices and fishermen's shoes, but later, with the expansion of market demand, it gradually became more avant-garde. For example, the slope heels on Letizia's feet were amazing.


knot conforms to the characteristics of ballet shoes and leisure fishermen's shoes. At the same time, the design of slope heel also increases the proportion of Letizia's body. Although foreign high-heeled shoes are strict, they also have a soft and friendly flavor.

Naturally, Lai Hou's choice of brand is not random. It can be inferred from the two brands of Zara and Macarena that the Queen's choice is not only for the sake of shaping the people-friendly phenomenon, but also for the revival of local brand economy. It is no wonder Letizia can be praised as the queen of economic application by haibiao netizens.

Although the style of

is much different than before, but Letizia's temperament and manner are still able to play, and is thrifty and single-minded. What do you think of such a queen?

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